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Christian Kremsner

born in Austria

lives in Vienna

taking pictures in vienna - mostly

My name is Christian Kremsner and I'm a street photographer based in Vienna, Austria. I mainly use a Fujifilm X100F for my photos. This allows a fast and efficient shooting. Armed with observation and patience, i developed my own style and learned to love street and black and white photography. In my opinion, street photography today is not necessarily black and white. 

I find the photo simulations of the camera excellent to shoot in jpeg, but I also use the raw mode. The most important thing is: KNOW YOUR CAMERA! I use lightroom for further photo editing.

I think coincidence makes the picture. Not every black and white photo is an eye-catcher. Without sufficient contrast, a black and white photo is as good as dead. Do not worry, I also shoot many photos that are crap. Just do not let it get you down.

The most photos in the Gallery are for sale. Contact me for prices and executions. I reserve the copyright of the photos. The unauthorized use of photos from my site is prohibited and will be prosecuted.